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"Take full control of your engine’s fuel delivery & ignition system!"

 Increase Power
 Low-End Torque
 Throttle Response
 Cleaner Emissions
 Increase MPG
 Easy Starting

Upgrades also available:
        • CB's Gen4 Touch Screen Display
        • Idle Air Control Motor Kit
      • MAGNASPARK™ Crank Trigger Mounting Kit with Coil Pack and Spark Plug Wires

The Gen 4 EFI has an extensive new list of features and ALL NEW software! We are now taking orders! If you would like to talk to a salesperson about purchasing the Gen 4 EFI Kit, please call and ask for Pat Downs or Mark Lawless.

To learn more about the features and functions of the Gen 4 EFI system, be sure to check out our in-depth Gen 4 Software Setup Videos.

NOTE: Requires a Windows Based Computer with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Does not work with MacOS, iOS, WinRT, or Android.


 ECU features:
 32bit processor, Marine grade locking connectors, 4mb of internal storage
 8 High or Low impedance Injector drivers.
 4 On board Direct Fire Ignition Drivers. Each driver can fire up to 2 coils.
 8 Smart Coil drivers
• Support for VR Crank and Cam Input (36-1 Trigger Wheel supported for crankshaft position)
 Hall Effect Crank and Cam Input
 Coil Negative input (also accepts this input as a ignition timing control through points or points replacement modules)
 8 Analog 0-5 volt inputs
 8 Digital Inputs
 On Board 2.5 Bar MAP sensor or external 1,2,3 or 5 Bar MAP input
 On Board Barometer sensor (Adjusts tune automatically for altitude)
 4 On Board Wideband O2 sensors
 4 On Board K-Type EGT controllers
 H-Bridge Idle Air Control
 Gas, Methanol or E-85 Compatible (AFR displayed in gasoline scale)
 Boost Controller
 Water/Meth Controller
 6 Outputs (1-amp max each)
 Rev-Limiter and 2-Step Rev Limiter
 2 stage Dry Nitrous Control 
 Lean A/F protection 

 Software Features:
 20x20 Fuel, Ignition, Air Fuel Ratio, High/Low learn limits, Water/Meth Table Sizes.
 Speed Density or Alpha-N configurable load boundaries
 Pulse Width or VE based Fuel Table tuning strategies
 Individual Ignition coil trim
 Individual injector trim, including Idle – Mid-range and wide open throttle
 Assisted tuning strategy via closed loop and learning, user selectable
 Adjustable Spark Dwell based on load and Temperature
 Temperature based timing compensation
 Internal data logger allows you to export data after run or tuning session
 Turbo Over boost and Anti-lag
 Sensor low and high limits settings, with sensor fail defaults
 Temperature based enrichment settings
 Air Intake Temp Compensation
 Selectable Voltage Injector trim
 Staged Injection via TPS and/or MAP
 Single or 2 stage Nitrous Oxide Control
         Lean fuel protection 


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CB Performance Gen 4 EFI System (Naturally Aspirated Kit)

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